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BoardSource Bookstore and Learning Center

Learning Center & Store

Our Learning Center includes a bookstore, hundreds of downloadable resources, and a calendar of live and online training programs on how good governance can shape an organization’s missions, finances and strategic direction.

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BoardSource members have access to hundreds of resources on the issues nonprofit leaders face daily.

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Not yet a member of BoardSource? You can still access our Research Reports and Board Basics series.

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BoardSource is the foremost publisher of books, toolkits, and workbooks for nonprofit leaders.

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BoardSource has compiled some of its most popular resources into special collections addressing key governance roles and responsibilites.

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BoardSource offers a wide range of educational webinars, certificate programs, live trainings, and downloadable recorded webinars with governance experts.

Assess Your Performance

Assessments help move your board and board leaders to the next level of performance.  

Which resources are the best fit for your experience level? BoardSource offers three levels of content.
Scroll over these levels to see a description of each:
101101 products are perfect for individuals new to governance and individuals looking to refresh their knowledge of the fundamentals. 101 products offer an introduction to governance topics, identifying key terms and issues, ultimately seeking to clarify the roles and responsibilities of board members, chief executives, and staff who work with boards. 101 products set the foundation for responsible governance and often include tips on how to practice good governance. 201201 products are perfect for individuals who want to add to their basic understanding of a topic with more in-depth information. 201 products offer a significant level of detail and often discuss governance roles and responsibilities in action, structures and systems of governance, as well as the ways that interpersonal relationships affect board decision-making processes. 201 products may include practical tips on how to implement good practices; they often provide guidance on how to set strategic direction for your board and/or organization. 301301 products are great for individuals looking to move from “good” to “exceptional” governance. 301 products often drill down on specific topics to offer a comprehensive level of detail. 301 products tackle the intricacies of complicated topics (often legal and financial) to build confidence for individuals assigned with a specific oversight role. 301 products also question presumptions about board governance practice. Look to 301 products to challenge you to reimagine the responsibility of your board to your organization and to the world.

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